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Why Choose A Dedicated Server From PDQ Digital Media?


Our dedicated servers are powered by high quality, enterprise grade hardware from leading players like Dell, HP and IBM. Built for speed with unparalleled performance.


Our servers are built to deliver superior speed so that even the most demanding web server applications run smoothly without any issues.


The PDQ Digital Media team  of IT professionals are software and hardware specialists. We take pride in providing world class service and support.


We are proud to offer one of the highest levels of network uptime (99.95%). We'll keep your website would up and running.

Included Features

DDOS protection

Get our anti-DDoS L4 system, specially optimised for load balancing, with powerful mitigation. All TCP connections are checked in real time!


The PDQ Digital Media vRack allows you to isolate or spread your services across one or more private, secure networks.

VMWare Ready®

PDQ Digital Media servers are certified VMWare Ready®.

Real-Time Monitoring

24x7x365 monitoring ensures that your servers are always operating at peak performance.


In the event of a host failure, there's no need to contact us or open a ticket! Your hosts are automatically replaced by similar hosts in your infrastructure.

Assistance 24/7

PDQ technical support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by phone, chat and trouble ticket.  We're here to help.

Certified Datacenters

Your choice of datacenter locations ensures the scaling of your infrastructure in the event of heavy traffic.

Premium network

We operate a simple, ultra fast and reliable network. Our network has large capacities with numerous transits and exchange points.

Why Choose VPS/Dedicated Hosting?


Having root access to your server gives you the ability to take full control of the server environment. You can then use it for almost anything you wish to including hosting multiple websites, third party software/applications, game servers etc. You can also maintain it as per your preferences.


Server hosting control panels make managing your dedicated server or virtual private server much easier through point and click simple interfaces. They automatically set up and manage applications like web, mail, FTP, and database servers complete with an easy-to-use web browser interface.

Choose from popular options like cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin and others. You're free to choose and try them all.


PDQ Digital Media can deploy your servers in as little as 180 seconds with availability in our datacentres around the world. You benefit from a secure, high-resilience network, to ensure continuity of service for your customers.