Can I use PayPal?

Some of the payment instruments are popular and work ok for standard online shop activity, but do not help selling when you need stimulating and easy reordering capabilities, like for a food ordering system. This means we can only work effectively with those that:

  • can provide an integration API (conversion drops avg. 30% when you take people out of the cart for payment);
  • support pre-auth process on card charges (because missing or rejecting orders may happen more often on a restaurant than in normal online shop activity and you don’t want chargebacks and refund claims);
  • have the ability of tokenization and fast one-click reordering by storing card data in a PCI compliant vault;
  • have very good commission charges for restaurants that may bring a true market benefit.

PayPal offers several merchant programs, but not all comply with the requirements above.

What we discovered is that only “PayPal Payments Pro” and “PayPal Payflow Pro” can work as above but these two are not available in all countries:

Also, PayPal Payments Pro requires an ongoing flat fee and the commission are not particularly lower than with others: $30 per month, plus 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction. Payflow Pro ($99 setup, $25 per month, plus $.10 per transaction) is for use with your merchant account from another bank or processor. Transaction fees charged by your merchant account provider would still apply. If you need a merchant account, you need to take PayPal Payments Pro offerings.(*)

In case you are keen on using PayPal Payments Pro or PayPal Payflow Pro, we could do something about it, on call. But there is nothing good we can do for Pay-with-PayPal or PayPal standard accounts.

Anyway, Stripe is simpler, has similar commissions and you get approved within hours… so why complicate with PayPal these days?

(*) As per official PayPal site, 2015. Updates may occur.

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