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78.0.1 Change Log


  • Fixed case CPANEL-19332: Prevent a single tailwatchd from blocking other driver modules.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-21855: Defer ssl setup and AutoSSL until after account restore is complete.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-23680: Fix cpanel-plugins YUM repo on certain Amazon systems.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-23686: Handle race in ensure_directory_existence_and_mode.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-24565: Workaround crash during Roundcube backup with MySQL 5.6.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-24638: Teach UAPI to handle unrecognized exceptions gracefully.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-24681: DCV failure warnings fail to chomp messages.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-24781: Prevent Cpanel::Analytics from consuming memory when not in use.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-24863: Fix Gzip detection in Cpanel::Gzip::ungzip.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-24866: Prevent account removal failure when nobody userdata is missing.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-24879: Prevent updates from terminating webdisk connections.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-24909: Restore SSL in the same process for account restores.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-24910: Ensure a swap file is available when needed.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-24939: Revert set_socket optimization in cpsrvd.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-24953: Fix incorrect key while setting up proxy subdomains.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-24962: Update cpanm to release 1.7043.cp3.
  • Implemented case CPANEL-24868: Remove legacy authtab support.
  • Implemented case CPANEL-24869: Remove legacy migrate_x3.
  • Implemented case CPANEL-24871: Prevent filelimits from being reinstalled every update.
  • Implemented case CPANEL-24876: Fix serializer crash when taskqueue is loaded out of order.
  • Implemented case CPANEL-24881: Resolve cpsrvd startup failure race condition.
  • Implemented case CPANEL-24882: Prevent duplicate tailwatchd restart on update.
  • Implemented case CPANEL-24891: Prevent cpanellogd --stop from unexpectedly failing.
  • Implemented case CPANEL-24894: Prevent dnsonlystartup from hard restarting cphulkd.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

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